28 January 2015

Lush Cosmetics

Last Saturday, I was invited to go down to my local Lush store in Eastbourne to try out some of their products. They kindly helped me pick out some products for me to take home and test out. The piccy above is what I was lucky enough to receive and I am literally so excited to get testing them all. I was taken around the store and got to find out a bit more about all of their products - there is more to Lush than just bath bombs. Who knew? I got some lovely hair care bits, face masks and massage bars - which I will tell you about as and when I use the products.

I learnt a bit about the haircare that they have to offer - I didn't even know that it existed. That little pink macaroon looking thing - that's shampoo. Actual shampoo. You rub it like a soap and it makes a lather for you to then wash your hair with or you can put it directly onto your hair and wash it that way. It's a favourite with people that go travelling because that one macaroon wannabe lasts three times longer than a bottle of shampoo. Absolutely genius. I'm so excited to try them all.

And look at their Valentine's range - it looks so pretty. You should definitely check it out, have a sniff and take home your fave. I highly recommend the V-Day lip scrub. It smells amazing, it tastes amazing and it has sprinkles - what more could a girl want!?

If you find Lush a bit overwhelming, don't panic, the girls are so friendly and they know everything. If not, go and smell everything, make a maybe pile and a yea pile and go from there

 What's your fave Lush product?

Hugs & Kisses

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Abby Hughes said...

youre so lucky to get actually invite there! I love lush products, theyre all amaze. Lovely post x

jazzyphizz said...

I don't have any lush stores around me , but I just put in my first order ever! I bought the valentine's lip scrub!

Mary said...

I love snow fairy, every xmas I buy a big bottle to see me through! will have to try the block of shampoo when I go away travelling - thanks for the heads up! x