24 January 2015

My 5 Winter Beauty Must Haves

My skin and lips and hands and general normalness has been suffering over the past couple of weeks. My extreme car heating is seriously taking it's toll on my skin - however i'm not willing to turn it down. My lips aren't loving life and i'm scared that i'll wake up with a 70 year olds hands tomorrow. So here are my winter saviours for the above issues. Hand cream is not included in this post - so you can read my L'Occitane hand cream review here.

H20 - The cheapest and probably the best beauty treatment out there - water, water, water. Due to the fact that we are made up of mostly water, this would make sense wouldn't it? The cause of all my winter issues can probably be out down to not enough water. My sister bought me a Brita water filter bottle for Christmas and this has been helping me get my 8 glasses of water quota for the day.

Vaseline - I've heard that Vaseline doesn't actually repair any damage, but it does act as a barrier to protect your lips from the outside elements. I cover my lips in Vaseline just before I head at on the puppy walk. The wind on the beach is horrid and I feel like this helps.

Paw Paw cream - This is so handy to have on you at all times. It really is such a multi purpose cream that you almost don't need anything else. Any dry patches just add paw paw cream - et voila. Need a cuticle remedy? You guessed it paw paw cream can help you out.

Lip Balm - A really obvious one here girls, apply, apply, apply.

Moisturiser - There may be a bit of trial and error involved here until you find the correct one for your skin. Also don't be afraid to spend a little bit more money when it comes to a moisturiser - you really do get what your paying for. My current fave is SBC vitamin ACE day and night cream (Read my review here). It has changed the moisturising world. It's perfect for day and night and it makes a good make up base.

Exfoliator - I'm really loving Elemis products lately. I got a few bits and bobs in my Christmas stocking (Thanks Santa) and right now i'm obsessed with the Papaya Enzyme Peel. Apart from the fact that it smells amazing - its doesn't have any exfoliaty (made up word) bits in it. It is completely smooth, you leave it on for 10-15 wash it off and there you have perfectly smooth skin. I really can't recommend this enough.

Hugs & Kisses

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