31 January 2015

Unexpected Find: Tender Is The Night Massage Bar

This is probably one of my all time favourite products from Lush. Tender is the Night massage bar. The smell is quite frankly AMAZING. If you haven't tried it already or smelt it, I suggest you head on down to Lush tomorrow and have a whiff. It's just too good. This product is for exactly what it says in the title - massage bar. You rub this in your hands, till it melts - not candle melts, but you will know when it's ready. Then it should glide on your body. I've been using this as a moisturiser after a bath and before bed - it leaves you feeling lovely and relaxed. I definitely hope Lush bring out a whole product range with this scent - the maine being ylang ylang oil, fair trade vanilla absolute and jasmine absolute. I also hear from someone - if you break a bit of this bar off you can keep it in your bag, in a teeny pot and use it as a perfume. Have you tried this?

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