9 January 2015

Work - Out

I know it's January and everyone and their Grans are working out, but I feel as it's the start of a new year and everyone sets new goals, then why not give it a go yourself. After a good 4 month break from the gym, i've been struggling to get back into it. I go once, feel great then make excuses for another month. What i find helps, is to buy new gym clothes. Mainly trainers, then I colour co-ordinate for the rest. Here are a few bits and pieces to get you back into the swing of things.

10 reasons to go to the gym this january
Nike Trainers Here // Nike Sports Bra Here // Nike Tights Here // Nike Hoodie Here // Adidas Tights Here // Black Nikes Here // Reversible Sports Bra Here // Blue Band Trousers Here // Black running Top Here // Work It Leggings Here

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