22 February 2015

Comme Une Evidence By Yves Rocher

I absolutely love perfume and I always jump at the chance to get a new one. I do have my signature scent, but I also love something different every now and then and I love having options. This perfume in particular - Comme Une Evidence, didn't really float my boat when I initially sprayed it. However, I took it out the box a few days later and it was an entirely different scent and no probably up there with my faves. It has hints of jasmine, lily rose and patchouli amongst others and I definitely think that it was the jasmine that has me coming back wanting to spray more And an added bonus - how cute is the bottle - it looks so pretty just chilling on my dressing table. If you want to get your own it's currently priced at 50% off on the Yves Rocher website. You can get yours here. Happy Shopping.

Hugs & Kisses

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