24 February 2015

Do Eye Primers Actually Work?

I've always thought of eye shadow primers as being a complete and utter waste of money. That was, until recently. I decided to test out a few as I got gifted some when I purchased my Naked 2 platte last year. And boy do they make such a difference. The colour of your eyeshadow is completely transformed and I mean it goes from translucent to completely vibrant. It'a quite amazing. And not to mention the fact that you colour actually stays in place all day long. It's good to know that I don't actually have sweaty eyelids - That is what I thought until recently. The four primers that came with the Naked 2 palette were original, eden, sin and anti ageing. I've used them all and my faves by far have to be original and sin. Original for the day time and sin for the nighttime. I've bought the full size of both of them. Pricey, but such a must have in my eyeshadow life. I've decided to learn how to put eyeshadow on properly, my eyes are usually just one colour - how boring. So it's research in the form of you tubers for the rest of the night for me. You can get your Urban Decay Primer here. Enjoy what's left of your evening Ladies.

Hugs & Kisses


Laura Sweetingham said...

I've always felt the same about primers and I've had these samples sat in my drawer for months so will definitely give them a go and see if it makes a difference!!


Laura Cinnamon

Laura Sweetingham said...
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Abby Hughes said...

I got these samples too when I bought my naked 2 palette and I think they make a massive difference! I was the same thinking they're abit pointless but these completely changed my thoughts x