8 February 2015

Lazy Lounging

slumber party

I love Sundays and I love PJs. I'm sure, this year, iv'e bought a new set each week. There is nothing better, on a Sunday, than having a move night in bed, fresh sheets and new pyjamas. They have to be cute and they have to match. Here are a few sets that I currently have my eye on. However the Primark's Hogwarts sets are keeping me very happy right now.

Short Sets
short sets
Primark // Bear hug set // Floral set

Pyjama Sets
Primark //  Morning sunshine set // Primark
Legging Sets
legging sets
tshirt pjs
Dressing Gownsdressing gowns
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Hugs & Kisses

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Antm1942 said...

they looks so cute!
love them !