3 February 2015

Lingfield Park Marriott Hotel Spa Day

Last Wednesday I was invited down to Lingfield Park Marriott Hotel to try out their Twilight spa package. It was my first ever spa day, so I had absolutely no idea what to expect or if I could even relax for as long as we had planned. Well ....... it was amazing and relaxing is now my new favourite thing to do. We were greeted in the lobby and then taken through hot the spa reception. I cannot remember the spa ladies name, but she was the nicest person ever. She showed us around the spa facilities, kept coming back to check on us and was always offering to take pictures. She was one very happy and helpful lady.

After being sown around, it was off to the changing rooms to get into our swimming gear and bathrobes. Girls + changing + robes = 6 very excitable girls. we headed through to the swimming pool, where we took a quick dip, before submerging ourselves into the jacuzzi for a little longer than suggested.

We then got back into our robes, to dry off before it was treatment time. We all had a few options to choose from. However the majority went for facials and a back massage. You can check out what other treatments that they have to offer here. I went for the 35 minute back massage and it was amazing! I want another one already. The products used were so lovely and I think, if I remember correctly were Elemis. So relaxing and the girl was so nice. I think at one point I fell asleep as I remember thinking to myself - why are my eyes shut! Ha! Also the treatment bed was heated, which was absolutely amazing, i've never come across that before. 

After my treatment, the other girls got theirs. A few went for the Elemis facials, which left them buying up all the products that were used - so it must have been absolutely amazing. There was one pregnant girlie, and she had the pregnancy massage, which she loved. Whilst all that was going on, I was relaxing in the relaxation room, strangely enough, with a cup of lemon green tea. Absolutely lovely. Not bad for a Wednesday afternoon ay?

After all the pampering, it was time for FOOD. We went to the Hotel's Cyprium restaurant, where we were invited to sit at the Chef's table. Pictured - Jess from Rogue Lipstick.

All the chef's hard at work - because we had 6/7 COURSES to follow

Nothing more intimidating that a whole lotta cutlery - we go there in the end

Now to the food. We opted for the Italian experience - they have a few more options to choose from, that you can check out here. The head chef came out to talk to us before each course was served. We were warned that there was a lot of food to come and if we wanted to slow down, then just let him know. 

First up we hadMeatball and pecorino soup - which is probably my new fave thing. The soup tasted just like gravy and I LOVE gravy. 1st course thoughts - yea I can do this - i'm not full at all. Next up we had an anti pasta selection and caprese salad. You see all that bread - I ate all of that! So the next few courses were bound to be a challenge. Then came the smoked salmon and asparagus open ravioli, which was amazing. I actually want to eat it right this second, now that I can see a picture of it. I ate it all, the realised I still had so much more food to come. 

I obviously needed a drink to get ready for the next few courses, which you can see below. Each course was a good as the one before it. By the last main course, I was well and truly stuffed, however I managed to find enough space for the two puddings that were on offer and boy were they yummy. I have to say that the lady who was our waits for the evening was absolutely lovely. She checked on us constantly and even showed me how to correct the aperture on my camera. I just want to thank her for being so lovely throughout the meal.

All in all we had a pretty amazing day at the Lingfield Park Marriott Hotel. If you've got something special coming up soon or just fancy a bit of pampering, I would definitely suggest checking them out. I will 100% be coming back for a massage and a lovely relaxing pamper day soon. Thank you to all the staff who were all so friendly and happy and helpful.

If you fancy a visit to the spa - you can find directions and contact details here.

Hugs & Kisses

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