16 March 2015

4 Ways To Dress For Success

We all know that what we wear is a pretty important part of our everyday lives, so with that in mind, i've compiled my 5 ways to dress for success. I definitely find that if I look and feel scruffy, then i'm not going to go out and be the go getter that I need to be. I'm most probably going to procrastinate all day and put it off till tomorrow. Case in point - Sunday is usually a day when i'm most productive and I plan my week ahead. Instead of getting dressed I popped on some joggers and a tee and didn't even dry my hair - I spent the day on the sofa with my laptop untouched by my side.

Feel Confident
Confidence is key if you want to bag that job interview or win a client, so dressing to impress (yourself) is a vital part of that. If a red lippy makes you feel invincible pop some on, if you feel a million times happier in heels, add your favourite pair (take note - this doesn't apply to trainers if you love trainers - unless you're PT). Looking good makes you feel good.

Know Your Audience
You're not going to impress a meeting room full of business men with the latest fashion or teaming your blazer with a t-shirt that says Baewatch (as much as I would love to). If you're going for a job interview at a gym, turning up suited and booted probably won't be the best idea, just like turning up for a job interview in banking, you probably won't want to be wearing sweats and you latest pair of trainers. As seen in the images different jobs, make for different outfits. For example the IT designer would have a (seen below) different audience than a driver (seen above). Also the PA would go for a different look and would perhaps wear similar items that she would be expected to wear if she had the job.

Hair & Make Up
Hair is just as important as the outfit. There is no point in having an on point outfit with the scruffiest hair imaginable! That means no top knots ladies. The make up should be daytime. There is no need to turn up to work looking like you're off out clubbing. You know what looks good on you, so go for a less is more look.

Be Yourself
I'm a firm believer in not conforming, I wear what I want, when I want, I don't like to be told what I can and can't wear. Luckily for me, that's ok as I work for myself, so I dress for myself. However not everyone is in that position. Always where something that makes you feel happy and great and like yourself. just because you work in an office doesn't mean you have to wear high heels, shirt and pencil skirt.

These Images can be found on the Pertemps recruitment website 

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