9 March 2015

Camel Coat

Good Morning Ladies. I can't tell you how tiered I am today, it's absolutely ridiculous. I think it's probably a weekend of eating rubbish food and far too much coffee, so today is going to be about water and fruit. Hence the sunglasses - it's too bright and my face is all tiered and puffy. This coat had to be worn today as it feels just like a blanket, so I wrapped up nice and warm at my desk as I type, snug as a bug. Have a good Monday all.

Coat Ebay // Jeans & Shoes ASOS // Bag Topshop // Sunnies Steve Madden

Hugs & Kisses

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Love this coat! Do you have a link to the seller on eBay? I'm unsure about the quality of the ones I've seen on there but this one is exactly what I want! Thank you!