14 April 2015

Lancome La Vie Est Belle

Hi girls - sorry yet again about the slow blogging - there is something about blogger that seems to turn some of my collages and pictures grey and it's been driving me INSANE! Hey ho! I'm sure i'll figure out what i'm doing wrong at some point. Now back to the point of this post - perfume. I think one of the best ways to start the day - except for a Diet Coke and a coffee is to spray your favourite perfume. Currently it's this La Vie Est Belle from Lancome. It's just amazing - who knew a perfume could make you so happy - usually it's Miss Dior Cherie - but it ran out - it's my birthday soon so hint hint family. This one in particular has been on my must buy list for aaaaaages. Each time I walked into Boots I could smell it, although I didn't know what it was. Originally I thought it was Lancome Miracle, but then I smelt it - and it's just not my cup of tea. Finally I found it - so I spray it al day everyday I just can't get enough of it. What's your fave perfume at the moment?

Hugs & Kisses

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