13 May 2009

The Denim Jacket

A Denim jacket is something that I have always had but kept on the left hand side of my wardrobe (The don't wear , but for some reason can't bear to throw it away side).
Thank goodness I never threw mine away as the denim jacket is making quite the comeback. I currently own three all bought around 5 maybe 6 years ago. This was during my time at college and actually thought of the denim jacket as a staple item for my wardrobe.
Denim Jackets I own:
1.Dark denim by French Connection
2.Light washed denim from Next
3.Light washed crop denim from Ebay
Anyway they are now deemed fit to wear again although the obvious rule still applies NEVER wear denim + denim especially different colour denim. Can anyone actually pull that off? Who knows.
Sorry about the bad quality photo, no scanner. Lady GaGa is bringing back the 80's, Jessica Simpson really works the cropped denim jacket, maybe i'll give mine a try at the weekend.
Have a great day everyone I'm off to the cinema to see X-Men



Steph said...

Thanks! i do love the occasional denim jacket i own one and dont wear it frequently which is odd because i useually love wearing it

janettaylor said...

I adore denim jacket!!! I have few pieces. My fav is dark blue from Levi's and light blue from See by ChloƩ!

Great post!

Ediot said...

too bad the pic is so dark. looks like a fun collage. i really like jeansjackets. take care xx

A little Princess said...

Sweet, lovely florals with dirty denimn jackets and insanely Balmain esq shoes are an AWESOME combination! love love love xoxo

HoneyBunny said...

I like how other people look in them, I really do, but I can;t bring myself to wear one...there is still some trauma from the past;D

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted a denim jacket. But, I can never find oen that suits me. =/

Alba said...

there's a really great one on the Miss Selfridge website right now. It's a faded denim in the style of a leather jacket. you should check it out!

love alba x