10 May 2009

Jeans in a vending machine.


A friend told me to Google jeans in a vending i did. I cant believe someone has actually done it. Closed is a Hamburg based jeans brand and are the company behind the vending machine. Their first vending machine is in Florence,Italy. How random? I don't think I would ever be able to get jeans from a vending machine. How would you try them on? Who would you take them back to if they don't fit? Could you get a refund? Who knows. Maybe it will change the future of Mens shopping. What do you think? I also read that Levi's used to do the jeans vending machine in 1989 back in the day when shops were closed on a Sunday. I remember those days.................soooooooooooo awful!


M A Z P E said...

wow...thanx for the info. Here in Spain we are still in the era where almost everything is closed on Sunday and its pretty suicidal! I love the idea though, if they are cheap, im gonna look it up.
thanx for visiting,

Mode Junkie said...

i agree. how would you return it if it doesn't fit? i need to try on jeans before buying. that's just how it goes.

Alison said...

WEIRD. And FYI go to the American bible-belt (she gags) and stores are closed on Sundays still.

lovin your blog back!!