28 June 2011

Breakfast Pizza

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I've become a little bit obsessed with the blog Smitten Kitchen, so much so that I spent most of my evening reading all her cooking posts - and I don't even cook. One particular recipe for breakfast pizza, caught my eye. I love pizza in any way shape or form - I am still yet to find a topping that I don't like. I changed the recipe slightly and used Turkey rashers instead of bacon, cheddar instead of parmesan, shop bought pizza base and added mushrooms. It could have been better, I expect I put on too much cheese and possibly didn't cook it for long enough - but hey - you get to eat pizza in the morning without feeling bad! 

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Hugs & Kisses


Julia said...

mmmmm pizza *yum*

I can't cook either so I'm in the same boat as you! x

salut! sophie said...

That pizza looks amaaazing! Making an actual breakfast pizza sounds like such a good idea - a breakfast pizza for me is normally eating leftover pizza from the night before with a massive hangover!

throughrosetintedlenses said...

Pizza for breakfast?!
Needless to say, this is amazing, and would be at any time of the day! Probably something I shouldn't mention to the boyfriend... or I know what I will end making! :)

Kathryn Xx

FashionFreak/Mihaela said...

ahaah. that's so awesome.

My blog♥mfashionfreak

Susie said...

I love Smitten Kitchen! The bourbon blondie recipe is delicious--I make those all the time.

janettaylor said...


Charlotte said...

Pizza is my all time favourite dish. I seriously love it so much. I was never a fan of egg on pizza originally but quite a lot of places in Melbourne do them and breakfast pizzas which has brought me round to the idea. The one you made looks YUM!!

Emilia said...

Your pizza looks SO delicious! I've never tried eggs on pizza but I'll definately try it one day! Now, I need to eat something... xxx

Mademoiselle Lala said...

I love pizza and all of Italian food. I still remember when my mum was too lazy to make me breakfast/lunch to school, she told me to grab pizza (FYI: she made it herself, so it was delicioso!). ;) X

P.S. Don’t forget about my new giveaway!

Catarina said...

That pizza looks heavenly!

Zaina said...

that looks good, im actually gonna try it.
did the egg taste good? was it not weird?

Josie said...

I LOVE Smitten Kitchen! And this pizza looks amazing.
xo Josie

Temporary:Secretary said...

OMG. This looks sooooooo good - yummy! x

♥neelai♥ said...

OMG!! i hear my tummy says "hey im hungry!" haha its 7am here in the philippines and i haven't eat my breakast so im really hungry especially when i saw your post.. i need to eat something!! haha by the way im your new follower and i enjoy reading it! you can visit my blog too :)

Nicole said...

That looks delicious!
By the way, thanks for your lovely comment!

Kisses from Hong Kong,

Meagan said...

i'm going to have to check out that website and her recipes!

xiaoyao xu said...

awww i love smitten kitchen too and tried their oreo recepie, its really simple even for someone who doesn't cook like you ;) have to try the breakfast pizza though