13 July 2011

Cantina Laredo

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{Tortilla chips & dip}
I absolutely love Mexican food and could quite happily eat it everyday, unfortunately there isn't one near to where I live. So when I won a meal for two last week at the St Martin's Courtyard Blogger Challenge (see here), I knew instantly that I had to go to Cantina Laredo. My sister came with me as she has been meaning to try out the place for the last couple of weeks. We started with frozen mango flavoured margaritas (my new fave drink), closely followed by top shelf guacamole. For mains we both had Enchiladas Veracruz, which were so filling, but I wanted more! For pudding - the mexican brownie was suggested and who can say no to a brownie, especially when served with brandy butter and vanilla ice cream - not me! I made my sister get the Flan - just to re-live my youth and take me back to the days of Sabrina the teenage witch and the wiggly jiggly flan.
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{Freshly prepared - at the table - Guacamole}
Avocados, tomatoes, red onions, corriander, jalapenos and peppers
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{Iced Mango Margarita}
Tequila, cointreau & freshly squeezed lemon & limes
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{Enchiladas Veracruz}
Chicken, spinach & monterey jack cheese
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{Mexican Brownie}
chocolate & pecan nut brownie, brandy butter & vanilla ice cream
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Custard with caramel sauce
Hugs & Kisses


Bohemian vanity said...

That looks soo yummie, esp the guacamole ! I'm hungry now :)

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmm haven't been to a mexican for AGES... well not since last year when Miss Big Brother herself was in town! :)


Daniela said...

wow this made me soooooo hungry:) craving mexican food big time now! x

Fowzee said...

yum! i love Mexican food! burritos are my fav !!


Ice Pandora said...

What a feaaast girl!
I love Mexican food aswell :)
My favorites are the wraps!


Leya said...

ummmm this is so yummy!! :)
those caramels are wanted! hehe

Zaina said...

I want to try mexican food!!!

Sadie K said...

Oh my god that brownie looks so yummy!!

Ps. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog :)

Ambyr said...

Ahhh Mexican food is my VERY FAVORITE food in the world. Luckily, here in California, we don't have a shortage in Mexican food restaurants. But there's a few that I just can't live without!


Temporary:Secretary said...

This looks amazing, i'm hungry now and it's bedtime. i've got the munchies x

Zarina Villanueva said...

They all looked YUMMY!!! (^__^)

Josie said...

Mmmmm, this all looks amazing! I love Mexican.
xo Josie

Virgit said...

it looks so good hmhmm nice food love guacamole

Kara said...


Ana said...

Oh my god, that mexican brownie makes me dreamy!! Looks so good! :D