25 August 2011

Last Year

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{outfit details seen here}

I thought it would be fun to take a look at what I was wearing this time last year. Here are a few outfits from last August. It's weird how my style really hasn't changed that much in a year. I'm not too sure what I expected - clearly some sort of fashion miracle.

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{outfit details seen here}

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{outfit details seen here}

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{outfit details seen here}

Hugs & Kisses


the nyanzi report said...

great hindsight.

Lizette said...

Sweetie you had and have great style you don't need to change ;)

Virgit said...

Wow great hair love iu and u got great style love ur leopart top u are so pretty kisses

Elle ღ said...

great idea, love it :)


Elle ღ

Anonymous said...

It's great looking at past photos, to be honest my style hasn't changed in a year too!!
(it only really changes if you go from goth to sex kitten à la Rosie Webster...!!)

Jules @ A Bit of Jules

Tamsin said...

My style doesn't really change either. Nice past outfits x

Kerrymarie said...

love the first outfit <3

cecylia said...

I love your knee high suede boots doll!! You are so stylish!
Come follow my blog hun :)

Eda. said...

It's funny seeing how style develops and changes in the space of a year isnt it lovely.

Eda ♥

Anonymous said...

I love your jacket, I have a very similar one from Witchery : ) Thanks for sharing! xx

Anonymous said...

judging from your outfits we had a much hotter summer last year! lol love your style!!

Anonymous said...

How cool, getting to go back a little is always a great idea, I'm feeling the necessity to do it too! First outfit I love!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Marta said...

I love all your outfits, just amazing :)

caramellitsa said...

hi!! your blog is so great i loved the photos :)

i am your newest follower :)

if you want to check out my blog and follow if you like here's the link :

kisses <3


I'm Just Me said...

love the outfits!!
thnx 4 the comment :)

BreezeyBee said...

hhaha, im still dressing the same too. in our defence trends havent taken a giant leap so .. yeah

Breezeybee Blog

Josie said...

What a fun idea! Love those denim shorts.
xo Josie

BlondAssBrain said...

I like all these outfits but mostly I love these shoes at the 2nd picture!!!

Anonymous said...

Love yours pictures !!

Temporary:Secretary said...

I still love these pics, and it's always fun to look back. x

Kristen said...

Love the first outfit and the boots in the second!

songbird said...

interesting idea..this got me wondering what i was wearing last year..


great post! i like that leopard top! enter my giveaway!

Anonymous said...

I really like the second outfit :)

Mariagrazia C. said...

Beautiful pictures!!! You have a very stylish look! I follow you right now!
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or my facebook page

L M ♥ la mode said...

Iovely pics... very nice style... check me out and give me your impression, I have a new post kisss