25 August 2011

Eyeko Graffiti Eyeliner Pen

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I received this Eyeko graffiti eyeliner pen a few months back and  haven't written about it before, because I am awful at applying any type of eye make up. I have been practicing with this eyeliner pen and I have found it extremely easy to use. I have never been able to apply liquid eyeliners in any sort of straight line and I always felt that the black was too black - if that is even possible? This eyeliner pen has been my saviour. I love the fact that it looks like a felt tip pen. I love the fact that I can apply it in the appropriate places. I love the fact that it doesn't smudge and I love the fact that it is the right shade of black for my colouring - if you know what I mean? For such a great product, I am surprised that it is being sold at the modest price of £5.50. Serious bargain.

Hugs & Kisses

Please excuse the stupid picture, it is the only one I can find of moi, whilst wearing said eyeliner. As I am still a little bit sick I simply cannot be bothered to put make up on my face for blog purposes. Instead I choose to embarrass myself with another drunken picture. 


Jules said...

what a bargain!! Where can you buy this eyeliner? I haven't seen it in Boots though!! Mind you, I do need a new eyeliner, may need to get this one!

Get well soon!

Jules @ A Bit of Jules

Eda. said...

Love and such a good price, I had to practice for ages before I could apply liquid eyeliner perfectly...or kind of anyway!

Thank you for sharing darling

Eda ♥

Ambyr said...

I think the picture is cute. And you can totally see your amazing straight line skills! :)


BreezeyBee said...

glad you like it! the more you practice the better you get, i used to be awful at liquid liner now im ok hehe and getting better everyday

Breezeybee Blog

Kelly said...

I am terrible at applying liquid eyeliner, maybe i should try this.

Tay Tay said...

Love this eye-liner <3 :D

Aniita said...

dammn so cheap quite the bargain! got like a 20$ one from MAC the other day, nott worth the money..
haha and yeah i feel the same about blog photos, just so damn lazyy sometimes. but hey i can't wait for a better shot :)

Angela said...

I love eyeliner pens! My new favourite. x

Plums and Pearls said...

Your post is hilarious. Drunken picture? Didn't even have to say that. I love the photo and great job with the eyeliner application. I wear liquid liner every single day! It took a while to find the perfect one but lucky for us Sephora has so many different options that make it so easy for us to apply.

It's a great look for you!

xoxo, Plums and Pearls

Jessie said...

Love it! Looks good :)


Style Pony said...

I love eyeko products, this product sounds really good, I may have to buy it! xx

Pip said...

Oooh, so glad for a review of this! I've never bought anything from Eyeko but they're in my favourites and this product is - literally - on the top of my wish list!

Thank you so much for your comment, I can't believe someone with so many followers actaully commented on little ol' me!

Pip x

Hen said...

It sounds great!
Seriously considering trying it out!
Teenage Daydreams

t said...

Sounds great!

Plami said...

You two look fabulous! I love your ring!


rhiannonvic said...

Such a bargain! Definitley worth the money xx