20 September 2011

Life List

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After reading Hollie's life list over at More! online last week, it got me to thinking - what have I done on my list since I left school - 10 years ago - Shhhh! When I was 18, I remember writing a list which was to be completed by the time I reached my 21st birthday. It was very materialistic and self obsessed.

1. Get a boob job.
2. Get  tattoo.
3. Own a convertible. 
4. Become rich.

Other than the tattoo scenario - I didn't manage to do the other 3. Thank goodness the boob job never happened, however I would still like a convertible, please and would be incredibly happy if I won the National Lottery Jackpot - just saying.
I think it's time to make a new list.
what's on yours?

Hugs & Kisses


Virgit said...

LOl I have never made a list on my life but had ambitions and still have.
one. finish university
2. Get married
3. have children
4 wan to be sucesfull on my job
5 have a car
6 travel areound the world
7 live in England
well wish I can make this wishes come true

love your blog Dear u got a nice list and I think you will get the convertible one day and becoming rich we can always buy the lotery you never know have a nice day kisses

Lou said...

I made a list when I left school to where I see myself 10 years on, and to be honest it is so different. I thought I would be married, own a house, have children and a great job. It really hasn't worked out like that but I am very happy with the way my life is going.


A Daft Scots Lass said...

My list at 21 probably would've read. Travel, Party, Travel. I wasn't tied down to anything and I didn't want to be.

Lowri said...

I love making lists like this! Getting rich is definitely on mine lol!

The Deer Head



haha lovely list... Im curious for your new list, I think when I was 18 I things on my mind like:
1. became a super successful designer
2. become rich
3. travel the world.

Im still working on all 3 things, I thought I could everything make only with a snap and not with hard working ;-)

Missy Cheeks said...

And i need to finish the university !!

Ambyr said...

Yeah, my list has definitally changed since I thought I "knew" exactly how I wanted my life to go, years ago. I think these would be on my list now:
Own a home
Get married
Attend fashion week
Go to Africa and work at an orphanage
Travel more
Well... those are a good start.


Marta said...

hahahhah it's interesting how we change and learn to except ourselfs.

Josie said...

Haha, too funny -- love it!
xo Josie

CessOviedo said...

I wanted a boob job so bad when I was in high school and though I still wear same bra size, I am comfortable with it! On my list, move to the big city that's it!

Cess O. <3 The Outfit Diaries

Mademoiselle Lala said...

The only thing I would like to come true right now is to find a job I can enjoy and be passionate about!

Jay said...

ooh want to see your tattoo!

You've commented a few times on my old blog, but here is my new one! hop on over & have a quick look x x