3 November 2011

Kapello Hair

Regular readers - would have noticed by now that I wear hair extentions. I get bored pretty easily so once my hair is long - I get it chopped off - love it for a week - then regret it for years. Thankfully there are so many different options for girls like me. I have had weave, glue in's and clip in's you name it, i've tried it. Recently I have been testing out a newly discovered brand called KapelloHair. I have to say I have been pleasantly surprised. The hair itself is in amazing condition. The clips are much bigger than what I am used to - and in my opinion, make the extentions a whole lot sturdier. Unfortunately due to a lack of a camera - I can't show you them. I opted for the light blonde shade and also went a bit longer with the 20 inch option.

Hugs & Kisses


Eda. said...

Hair extensions can transform a whole look, I love it!

Eda ♥

C. said...

Interesting post, will have to google this when I get chance..
I too am a 'pain' as my hairdresser says, as I colour change, length change, parting change that often. He stupidly gave me his mobile no which I'm sure he regrets as I'm forever texting him pictures of what I want next and asking
I love hair extensions as I have really thin hair to for me it's the body and thickness I like. I've had glue in and clip ins, mainly from raccoon..
I'll deffo be googling this. Thank you. :)

Ambyr said...

I love that first girls hair, it's so pretty. My hair I swear won't grow past a certain length, it's annoying (haha). I'll have to check this out.


lilly lia said...

I would give so much for extentions since I cut my hair but I am afraid of destroying my hair and having to wear it even shorter after that.. XO

Anonymous said...

I like your post. (:

Jamie-Leigh said...

hehe I Might have to Start Buying them as im getting my hair Short Soon :D x Great Post

JJ @

Zoe said...

gorgeous photos!

ShennaVision said...

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Love from Amsterdam!