2 November 2011

Pure Collection

As the nights get longer and the days get colder, I always find myself looking for options to keep warm and cosy. Mostly I just layer up, or, I am ashamed to admit - just throw on a sweater. This year I have been investing in some cashmere pieces - I just need to learn how to wash them - I seem to be ever so good at shrinking them. The best part about cashmere - I can also wear it to work - the worst part - I have to go to work - ha! Currently I have my eye on this Cashmere Ruffle Edge Cardigan in red. I like to colour code in December.

Hugs & Kisses


Kate said...

I'm after jumpers too but I'm scared I'll ruin cashmere if I wash it! The red cardigan is gorgeous, I love the detail on it x

Haute-fly said...

A really clean and classic look. Nice to see the neutrals creeping into the AW wardrobe too.

Great post,

Josie said...

They look so soft and warm!
xo Josie

Ambyr said...

I used to hate sweaters. They were constricting and just too hot. But something over the past few years has me wanting more and more. I love this grey one. It's easy, looks light weight and a simple-to-match color. Good finds.


Little Rus said...

I've been admiring their collection for a while, too. Hopefully will treat myself for Christmas. Their scarves and pashminas are also gorgeous. x

Ashley said...

I'm on a sweater-buying binge lately! Can't seem to have enough. Definitely come in handy when the cold sets in. :)