20 January 2012

River Island Black Drape Coat

I don't know why, but I always find to choose a winter coat. It really does seem like such a commitment and I am seriously picky to say the least. So here we are in January and I am still coatless. After having a wander around the shops on my lunch break , I found this drape coat from River Island. I think the search may have ended - thank goodness as it's getting seriously cold! However this fur collar coat, came a close second.

Hugs & Kisses


el_martina said...

pretty coat!

Dancing Branflake said...

Great find! Can't wait to see pictures of you in it!

Michelle said...

Both coats are stunning Kirsty! The drape one would look lovely on you (:

Ambyr said...

My vote is for the drape collar coat. I'm always in the same boat, coatless. I really don't like coats on me but always see other people in good coats. I need a new one. Oh, and I immeditately bought the Sex and the City 2 book after reading your post yesterday.


Jasmine M Eccles said...

Very smart! Xx