19 January 2012

Sex & the City 2

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I received this book as an Xmas gift from my sister and I have never been so obsessed with something in my life. I admit Sex and the City 2 as a movie, not the best, but for fashion - I fell in love. Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, Chahan necklaces, Dior dresses, YSL hand bags and much, much more.

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Hugs & Kisses


Fashionista said...

que lindo!

Eda. said...

Oooo I love it, enjoy reading it lovely.

Eda ♥

Jasmine M Eccles said...

Im such a big fan of Sex in the City, mainly for the fashion.

This is a great book.

Naina said...

Inspiration overload. Love those Sex & the City girls!

Kirsty said...

Looks like an amazing book! I want it!


Love Sushi and Fashion said...

Wow I love it! <3<3

Ambyr said...

Uhm what?! This books looks amazing. I need it!


dreaming en francais said...

I have yet to see the second one! But this book looks amazing! xo

Dancing Branflake said...

They had a book? How did I not know this? I need it stat.

Jessie said...

Oh wow! I need/want this now!!

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Yolandaas said...

thanks for the comment!... x

Cindy, fashionsbeauty said...

It's fine to be obsessed over anything with great fashion! xoxo

Lisa said...

omg fabulous book!

Claire Alexandra said...

such a great post! I'm so in love with your blog!!


TheOtherSideofCool said...

I totally agree, film= meh, fasion = WOW! This book is such a great idea, love it1 xx

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Catarina said...

Great post, the book must be really interesting.
Love your new court shoes!