2 May 2012


{Republic shorts for lounging around the house}

This week, seems to be the longest week ever and its only Wednesday. Maybe its because I am looking forward to the 3 day weekend, seeing friends, eating loads of food and furniture shopping for my new house.
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{Cupcake snack}

{ASOS heels}

{Salad for lunch}

{Shoulderless jumper from SheInside - seen here

Hugs & Kisses


♡Natalie said...

friggin love Sc&Co xxx

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Kylie said...

congrats on your new house. my other half took over the decorating of mine and is looking quite manly :( x

megcasson said...

Such cute photos! That cupcake looks yum!

Phuong said...

nice top and salad looks delicious

Travel in Style

la vie quotidienne said...

Super nice collage of pics,,,I hope you enjoyed the largest WEEKEND =)


La Vie Quotidienne

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Style Servings said...

Lovely pics, that salad looks amazing!

Char! said...

cute shorts xx

Rosalía Abalde said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog, you're welcome whenever you want
I love so much your blog, so I follow you, and I hope you follow me back.

Sweet kisses from Spain

NaNa said...

oh my, that salad looks amazing so hungry hehe

love from the NANA girls xoxo

Stylelover said...

Lovely shorts!!! and the sweater is great!

Vera Vanity said...

Cupcake loks great... Lovely blog. Xoxo V.V.

Fashion Meets Food said...

That salad looks so good and how neat is that shoulderless jumper! xo

★ diyearte by L and S ★ said...

Nice photos!!!

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Marlena said...

mmmm that salad looks delicious, and i hate salads. but that looks amazing. love your shoulderless jumper too!

Ketty said...

amazing shorts!!!

check out also my blog:

xx ketty xx

danielle p. said...

i am seriously loving those shorts! and that cupcake looks too good!

Collections said...

cupcake? yes please!


Jersey Blogess said...


Rosy said...

nice pictures...!

style point said...

hello xx yee x i am looking forward to weekend too xx
such a cool shorts and lovely post!


Svenja said...

i like your "relaxing at home" pants from the first picture, cool!
have fun at the weekend, there are only 2 more days to go. an especially have fun with shopping furniture, its my favorite thing to do :D
hugs, svenja

Anonymous said...

loove the jumper!so cool:)

menina elegante said...

those shorts = LOVE! :) x

Lea ♥ Isabella said...

wow, amazing! *-* :-)
Visit us :-*

Ang Lam said...

Thanks for the comment dearest!! Cool pictures!

les jolies said...

that cupcake looks so yummy.

From Paris with love!

Izzi said...

major urge to make cupcakes after seeing this, hahaaa!

Μαγδαλενα said...

georgeus cupcake!

Intensive Cravings said...

Yes, isnt they lovely!? :D xoxo Madde Intensive Cravings

Sophie said...

Such a great post - I adore the cupcake snack!


Cassidy Lee said...

Great photos! I am obsessed with those shorts, they look so cool!

Memoirs of a Wardrobe said...

Kirsty, that is by far, the filthiest looking salad that has ever, or will ever exist!!

Look amazing!
Kate x

Lily said...

The salad looks delicious and the cupcake! I love your sweater and your shorts! Representing Amurica haha

and so it goes.... said...

Great photos! That salad is making me HUNGRY! =]


Josie said...

Mmmm, that cupcake looks absolutely delectable!
xo Josie

Sam said...

I had cupcakes today! 2 actually. :)

Jessie said...

Sounds like you have a very exciting weekend ahead! I also cant believe it is only wednesday... lets hope the weekend comes fast!

Check out 87Life on Facebook!

Jessie said...

Sounds like you have a very exciting weekend ahead! I also cant believe it is only wednesday... lets hope the weekend comes fast!

Check out 87Life on Facebook!

Girls in the Green Boots said...

love me a cupcake!! this sweater is fab! xo


Erin @ Currently Coveting said...

Shorts look comfortable and the cupcake looks yummy! Glad I found your blog!


Kristina said...

Hello! I just came across your wonderful blog and was wondering if we could follow each other on Blogger and Twitter? Take care. :)

Kristina (

The Golden Girls said...

omg those shorts are too cute :) LOVE THEM! i just got home from stagecoach and am so still feelin the "american pride" feelin haha Hugs form California! xx,
The Golden Girls

Francesca Romana Capizzi said...

Oh i love the sheinside jumper a lot!
Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

Anonymous said...

& those shorts are super cute!!:)
Elle xxx

jimmi lou said...

Those shorts are lovely, I am slightly jealous of the furniture shopping, so much fun! Really want a cupcake now too!

joanne from

Fashionably Broke said...

WANT that jumper! Love me some shoulder clevage :)