16 July 2012

Estee Lauder Double wear Foundation


I'm awful when it comes to foundation, I have no idea what i'm doing and just pick up any old thing, which usually ends up in me being left unimpressed and beginning the perfect foundation quest again. Then one of my lovely friends started working in the Estee lauder counter in a local store. Hallelujah my foundation woes were sorted.  I wear a lot of fake tan, so I decided that I needed two different shades to deal with my ever changing skin colour and due to having Rosacea, I needed a medium coverage as a light coverage just wasn't cutting it anymore.
When I first started using this foundation, I was blonde, so I have had multiple colour changes since to suit my skin tones.
The initial colours that I used were the pebble and sand, which were perfect.
It gives a flawless finish,which I found lasted most of the day with only a little touch up needed if I was going out after work. This foundation is very high up on my foundation chart and for the price, it is amazing. The foundation itself, lasted a full 6 months, which in my estimations is pretty good.



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Tinacious Me said...

I definitely have to try it!
~ www.Tinacious.Me ~

Lea Dee said...

This foundation is easily my HG foundation. Bit pricey but definately worth it

Shybiker said...

Foundation is the weakest part of my makeup: I never really know what shade to get or how to apply it. You've inspired me, since Estee Lauder's headquarters is near my town and their products are easy to find here.

Lilli said...

it must be very good!:) kisses dear!

Angie said...

might have to try this then... the current one I'm wearing is okay but, I don't know, I want to find the perfect one! so, thanks for the tip


llrfx said...

I wish the foundation worked as well for me! I did a blogpost about it also as it made me breakout! x

TheUrbanUmbrella said...

I've heard only amazing things about this, maybe one day I'll try it!

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The Urban Umbrella


Lowri said...

I'm dying to try this out! I've heard nothing but praise! I'm the same with my 'everchanging skin colour' lol! I'm too tight to buy 2 different foundations though, so if I'm not wearing fake tan I just end up with an orange face and white body lol #fail

The Deer Head


Jodie said...

thank you for the comment on my blog- we had a great time in france thank you!
My sister uses this foundation and I was looking for a second opinion as i was considering buying one myself.

Kylie said...

I can totally relate to your ever changing skin tones, I can go from almost blue to mahogany in a matter of hours LOL. I will try this out at the counter next time x

Cassidy Lee said...

Looks great! I love Estee Lauder and definitely understand what you're saying with the varying skin tones; usually I have a few different shades so I can switch and mix!

Northern Style Exposure said...

I might need to try it

Perpetuity said...

I haven't tried Estée lauders foundation but I love the big Christmas gift they do every year! Just might have to get a sample;) said...

my favourite brand!