23 August 2012

GHD Air Hairdryer


Ive been wanting to get my hands on this hairdryer since it was launched. I mean, I literally couldn't rate my GHDs anymore that I already do, so I obviously had high hopes for the hair dryer.
My first thought when I opened the box, was that the hair dryer was compact, with a lovely sleek design, but did it have the power? Turns out yes it did, its like having my own personal wind machine - all I need is my own personal photographer and I could give Naomi Campbell a run for her money. Ha ha! As if!  Now my hair is even shorter it takes all in all about 5 mins to rough dry my hair now and then I'm off out the door. 
What makes it amazing you ask? If the wind machine wasn't enough - The hairdryer uses advance ionic  technology to lock in moisture for softer, shinier results with far less frizzing. 
Whats more, the design is suitable for you difficult lefties out there - just kidding but its been designed to make it comfortable to hold for both left and right handed users.

Super happy with the product and if any of you are in the market for a new hairdryer, I would 100% recommend this product.




Hugs & Kisses


Asha said...

I've got the travel ghd hairdryer which seems equally as awesome for holidays as it's tiny but sooooo powerful xx

J. said...

Seriously, a good hairdryer saves me in the important!

Big Fashionista said...

I have this Hairdryer and LOVE it. A lot of money I must admit but so worth it

Jessica said...

I'm really tempted. I've had my eyes on this for ages, so might have to bat my eyelashes ;)


Amie K said...

it does look wicked!
XO Amie

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The GHD air hair dryer is quality worth having. It’s easy to use, comfortable with a compact design which makes it easy to handle and store when travelling.