21 August 2012

Helmut Lang


I need this Helmut Lang skirt in my life - it is sooooo amazing! My rationalising on spending £150 on a skirt - It's not just for summer its for all 4 seasons. Sound acceptable? Yes I thought so.



Hugs & Kisses


Pip said...

I love it too! The draping is perfect! I wonder if there is a cheaper alternative to this... Hmm... Must find one! Have a great day! Xx. Pip

Rosie said...

I find this skirt really wonderful, but maybe you could try to find a cheaper version of it? I think there might be a dupe out there =)


Amy said...

perfect skirt! do it!

Leopard and Lillies

Lainee Flaherty said...

Try this one from river island

I have it and it looks just like the Helmut Lang one when its on- gorgeous and cheaper so u could essentially buy them in all colours :)


Mira said...

150 is quite a lot for a black skirt. Maybe you´ll find a cheaper version at asos :D


Gabriele said...

I totally agree with you,it's fantastic.

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Ambyr said...

Yes, that's definitely appropriate to drop some cash on it. It's gorgeous. Plus- it can be casual with a heathered tee or dressed up with a silky top. Get it! :)


Anonymous said...

INVESTMENT PIECE. It's like buying art :P

Forever Fashion said...

Its so pretty!! :D

francisdodson said...

Wow, this is beautiful! I've been wanting a skirt like this for a while now but they're sold out everywhere... River Island does one very similar, but obviously it isn't as luxurious as this! x