17 August 2012

Primark Christmas Collection


I haven't been in Primark for a while, mainly because my local Primark is rubbish and the stock they get in is also rubbish. However an little email landed in my inbox, with their new Christmas collection. 2 words - AMAZING & WANT. The look above is my fave and I will have all those items in my life! If you want to have a look at the whole collection - check it out here.
I'm now off to go and cook a yummy dinner as the parents are coming round for the eve.
Have a great weekend

Hugs & Kisses


Andrea said...

this looks nice..too bad my city doesn´t have a primark :(

Rose Canham said...

OOh, I had a little look at the collection it looks lovely i will definetly be making a trip to primark I love that skirt :)

Rose xo

Carmen G. said...

This pic reminds me to the new campaign of H&M with Lana del Rey!! Nice blog dear!

francisdodson said...

Wow, this collection looks awesome... I'm in love with the skirt in photo 4 on the website! x

Anonymous said...

love this look. those sneaks are so cute

California Dreams said...

I just saw the collection and OMG. I love the boots that look like the Dr. Martens but they have glitter on! *-* I need to go to Primark ASAP.

California Dreams

Mary said...

i love this collection too, can't wait to see what it looks like in person.
Mary x