18 September 2012

Outfit Details


I think I need someone to come and meet me for one hour a day and take outfit pics of me - LB if you're reading this means you! I can't get the camera angle right and as i'm in a new place now, my usual photo taking spot is no longer an option! Oh the issues of a blogger! The temp has certainly dropped recently, I'm not complaining though as its still gorgeous and sunny. However this also means that I get to wear all my new bits and bobs for colder weather. I'm quite excited by that and also super excited that Halloween is getting closer! Ive already bought my decorations and planned what i'll be baking in the kitchen. These shoes are perfect for the up and coming scary season as they have a skull on the zip! woo hoo! 


Wearing boots by Ash, Jacket by New Look and Primarni jeans.

Hugs & Kisses


Pip said...

I love the color of your jacket and your boots look so nice! xx Pip

Kat said...

Love love love those boots! x

Ambyr said...

That jacket is so cool. Great color and fun cut.


Elisa said...

This jacket is amazing those with waterfall collar!!

<3 Elisa

Megan Jane said...

Love your boots! I definitely need to get some studded boots this Autumn! xo