18 September 2012

My Kitchen essentials

{View from the hallway}

The last time I moved house, I decided to leave the majority of my kitchen utensils and food behind. So for the recent move, I needed to start all over again. Much to the surprise of all my friends, I seem to spend an awful lot of my time in the kitchen. Now that I have one to call my own, I love nothing more than experimenting with cakes and various other recipes. Starting again, was lovely, but it's not until you NEED something whilst cooking (a spatula for protein pancakes), that you realise it is missing. The best part is that no man was involved with the decorating so everything is ME, pretty and girlie.

{Butterfly memo board}

{Bookends for my unused cookbooks}

{Cute tray to hold all the tea & coffee essentials}

{Ikea jar for my growing amount utensils}

{The kitchen must have - flowers}

{Heart shaped knife holder}

{Heart shaped hooks}

Hugs & Kisses


EmilyGrace said...

I love all your little pink accessories :)
That tray for your tea and coffee is lovely and I loveeee the heart knife block!

sugarpuffish said...

I like your butterfly memo board, I could do with one of those :)

Lottie said...

Is the heart knife block from next?!
I so wanted that as I have all the matching crockery and toaster, kettle and microwave.
You have a lovely kitchen :) xx

The pampered pout said...

Your kitchen looks so cute. where did you get the baking book ends from? x

Alex said...

Absolutely love these girly kitchen things! Specially the knife holder :) x

Amanda said...

Super-cute knife set!

littlebitofbeauty said...

hey im doing a giveaway of 2 mac products of the winners choice on my blog:) xx

xXxStundonxXx said...

your kitchen is so pretty! I love the knife holder! x

Kristen said...

I LOVE this kitchen! It's so pretty and girly! Definitely an advantage that you don't live with a man -- mine would never let the hearts and pink fly ;)

Mollie@Kitchen Accessories said...

I like the girly look.Glad your hubby leave on you the designing of your kitchen. good for you.