15 November 2012

A day in the life of Oreo...... AKA: Beans

So Mummy has let me take over the blog this avo as she is really busy with work today - i'm Oreo incase you don't know.
Mum wakes me up at 7am every single day - I wish she would listen when I tell her I don't like mornings and would quite happily hit her snooze button for another 3 hours, but she doesn't seem to get it.400847_10152179784925300_1191322275_n
She feeds me as soon as I get up, which is great except she disappears back to bed. She thinks I won't find her, but I always do - she does let me in for a cuddle when I do though........ until the stupid buzzer goes off again and then its time for walkies!
I often get carted off to Auntie Sophie's during the day and sometimes Grannie and Grampa's. This is Sophie isn't she pretty - just look at all that hair - I try to run off with it, but it's firmly stuck there.
We always have an awesome time together - she likes to stroke my belly and tell me that she loves me way more than Mummy - if only Mum knew! ha ha!
Although yesterday she sprayed me with protein shake - she says accident - I say on purpose. It did smell nice though, so maybe Mum won't give me a bath this week.
Clearly I spoke too soon!
I also like to lay on this rug - Grannie thinks i'm being cute - what she doesn't know is that I find food in there all the time - that's Grampa's fault, but I don't want to get him in trouble.
Then Mum comes and picks me up in the evening - she eats a lot of this chocolate and she tells me i'm named after it - but why would she name me after something she eats so much, plus Oreo is a stupid name for chocolate.
Mum also watches a load of garbage on the TV - I don't mind though as I get to snooze on top of her until she decides it's bedtime



J. said...

This is crazy sweet! This baby is too precious!

Brooklyn Grace said...

Oh!!! lovely post dear

Anonymous said...

ah what a cute wee pup

Serena said...

Firstly: That's the cutest doggy ever!

Secondly: Dairymilk with OREO? Where has this been all my life?? x

Maddie.Elizabeth said...

Cutest post ever..adorable!xx

Hayley | Pleasant Ramblings said...

this is officially the cutest blog post i have ever read!!! xx

Anonymous said...

CUTEST ! POST EVER! what kind of dog is she?

Milex said...

I could stare for ages, love.

Anonymous said...

Aww, so adorable! What kind of dog is it?


Livstyle said...

Love Oreo.....I have a I love dogs!!!


GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

awwwwww I love this post. spoken from a dog's view. just too cute!
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Selena said...

oh. my. god. i just died of cute

Jazz Banks said...

omg the cutest little thing ever

Heidi-likes said...

Well this is by far the cutest post I've ever seen,it's brilliant - thanks for sharing! X

Georgia Zemou said...

Ah! This is so cute! Nice blog sweety! I m following you now on GFC Hope you will visit my blog and follow back if you want! :)