16 November 2012

Sick Note


Awful morning which involved a flat tyre and no man around to help! I ended up driving to the nearest tyre place to ask what to do - they laughed - had a quick look at it and decided that I didn't need just one changed, but two! Urgh! What a great start to the weekend! On another note - I found this T-shirt in my local Topshop - I can add it to my Geek T-shirt collection - looks perfect dressed down with a pair of trainers for a lazy day. Hope you all have a lovely Friday - i'm off to Topshop to feel sorry for myself and look at all the clothes I can't afford.





T-shirt here, Jeans here, Jacket Primark, Shoes Converse.

Hugs & Kisses


Gem said...

That sucks that you're having a bad day :( I hope you have a better weekend!

I need that jacket in my life!! I'm definitely going to see if they have one in Primark over the weekend :) Fingers crossed!

Gem x

Stacey said...

Oh no! I don't know how to change my tire either. I will have to remedy that. On the positive, side you look gorgeous-love the look!

What Lara Did said...

I love your top, I've got the geek one which is similiar. Amen to Topshop! xx

Jodie said...

thank you for the kind comment on my blog- you look great, perfect casual outfit
love the contrast sleeve jacket

Anna Brain said...

Oh wow! WOWnderful shirt!!! :)

Sherin said...

Sorry to hear about your bad morning. At least you looked cute. The t-shirt is the cutest.