1 November 2012



As I said earlier, i'm trying to mix it up a bit and make more of an effort on the fashion front. This will mean wearing jeans maybe only 2 days a week, instead of all week. We'll see how it goes as I really am so comfortable in jeans and its so easy to just throw them on in the morning and leave the house. I'm off to go an play with the pup now - she's been waiting patiently all morning whilst I worked.



Wearing Primark belt, Missguided skirt, Topshop boots and vest and Goddiva cardigan.

Hugs & Kisses


Anonymous said...

love this fall outfit, loving the skirt hun! :)


Hannah Louisa said...

I love the skirt!i really want one just like it :) I'm just the same though :( always find myself reaching for my jeans ha wish I was more adventurous!xx

Heidi-likes said...

The burgundy really suits you :)

Brigid said...

i love the cardigan :)

Sher said...

This belt is super cute! Lovely outfit also x

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Gemma Talbot said...

Love the colour of your cardigan! x

daniella-r said...

I love the skirt, it's so pretty!
Thanks for visiting my blog and the lovely comment
Your have a great blog!
Daniella x