5 December 2012



Happy Hump Day! 
I thought i'd let you know what i've been up to now that its come to an end. A 10 day detox! I didn't co this to loose weight, I did it because I have been feeling bloated for the last 2 months - hello junk food diet, and wanted to do something about it! I decided to try Herbalife as i've heard so many good things about this brand and also seen the results that it gives with regards to the weight loss programme. So here I am 10 days later, I'm 100% feeling less bloated. The first 3 days were EVIL, but after I got used to it, that was that. Of you're interested in the Herbalife weight loss programme, detox programme, then check it out here.



Hugs & Kisses

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MirrorOnThe Wall said...

I do this from time to time and it definitely does the job, but you do have to be quite disciplined.
Mel x Uk