18 January 2013

For Eternity

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As a little girl, I always used to flick through my Mum's catalogues, go to the jewellery section and dream of the day that someone would buy me an eternity ring. Strange I know, but my Christmas lists to Santa were full of different styles and shops where he could get said Eternity Rings. Needless to say my 7 year old self didn't receive such a ring, in fact neither did my 9, 10, 11 and 12 year old self. I still don't have one and i'm now 27. At the grand old age of 20 I was told the reason behind the eternity ring - It is designed to be a symbol of everlasting love as well as the eternity that a husband and wife plan to spend together. The husband as far as i'm aware is meant to gift his wife with one after they are married or when they reach an anniversary milestone or even when they have their first child. So the concept behind the ring is so cute and perhaps the reasoning why Santa never got me one. Now I just have to wait for my Prince Charming to turn up and put 3 rings on that finger. One day .........
Do any of you girls have any eternity rings? Want one? Know which one you want and are just waiting for your man to get the hint?

Hugs & Kisses


Be Nice* said...

Amazing ring!!!! I wish one... :)

Lorena Pizzo said...

I follow you and I hope you will reciprocate...

HeartsAndCrosses said...

This is so cute, I'd love to meet someone that would give me an eternity ring!


Kathryn said...

Happy to say I have one. Receieved it on my birthday a few years ago & we're now nearing our 5th year of being together.
Hoping there's an engagement ring coming this year!
Don't you worry, takes time for the prince to arrive, but he's worth the wait!
I'm sure he's right around the corner.
This post has given me inspiration to show the world mine. I'll give you credit :)
- Kathryn XX

sara said...

I like Eternity Rings because it is so beautiful