18 January 2013

New In

IMG_3536_zpse76bcf79 photo IMG_3536_zpse76bcf79-1_zps1db4a5e3.jpg

The one and only thing i've bought in this years sales. I've decided that I really need to invest in some pretty tops and blouses. Some of mine are just so blaaaaa and are only in the wardrobe for absolute emergencies. Talking of wardrobes - i'm measuring my walk in cupboard so that I can put up some hanging rails and finally have a place to keep my clothes. Off yo yoga now, hope you're all enjoying the snow - if you have any.

IMG_3539_zps5372cc9c photo IMG_3539_zps5372cc9c-1_zpsacdee447.jpg

IMG_3538_zps40b9941c photo IMG_3538_zps40b9941c-1_zps327dcb1c.jpg

Hugs & Kisses


Valérie said...

Seriously, this is so pretty! Good choice :) xx

Heidi-likes said...

So pretty, love the colour x

Keeley Laura said...

Love the lace detail! Very chic!

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Janine said...

Where is this from? It is lovely. I need some more pretty tops in my wardrobe, I have too many dresses and not enough separates.

Janine xx

JennyScribbles said...

truly gorgeous top! can't wait to see it styled :)

<3 jen said...

totaly amazing dress :)

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HeartsAndCrosses said...

So pretty!