24 January 2013

Missing the Bestie

A4IMmyKCYAEWjnI-1_zps89e58e33 photo A4IMmyKCYAEWjnI-1_zps89e58e33-1_zpsd2bb894d.jpg
Hayley is one of my best friends - Claire (seen here), is the other. I usually pop round to Hayley's a couple of times a week, but recently life has gotten in the way. She has a baby, I have a puppy, we are both ridiculous homies - if we could, we wouldn't leave our own houses i'm sure. Fingers crossed we can be reunited this weekend! 
Wearing a Lipsy dress from the Amy Child collection.

Hugs & Kisses


Eloise said...

I really hope you don't hate me for saying this as I totally mean it as a compliment but you look just like Imogen Thomas in this picture!


HeartsAndCrosses said...

You both look gorgeous, hope you get to do something soon :)


Forever Fashion said...

I totally get you, havent seen my bestie in like 2 weeks!!! Life gets crazy! Gotta make the time

Janine said...

I am totally the same as you with my friends for not having the time. I need to try make more time though. Hope you meet up soon and have lots of girly time :) you both look gorgeous

Janine xx
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