21 January 2013

Snow Day

P1050389_zps5a776a29 photo P1050389_zps5a776a29-1_zps7fbb3c26.jpg

Who's enjoying the snow? I went out in it with the pups for about an hour today. I have to say I wasn't dressed in proper snow attire and by the time I went back inside my hands and feet felt like ice blocks. Converse are not the best shoes to wear in the snow. After saying earlier (seen here), that this jumper was being saved for Spring, I totally changed my mind and wore it today. Love Love Love it.

P1050388_zps73a2286e photo P1050388_zps73a2286e-1_zps5f8fa93d.jpg

P1050387_zps047e9efe photo P1050387_zps047e9efe-1_zps436b9ef3.jpg

P1050385_zps4c131c0f photo P1050385_zps4c131c0f-1_zpsb379ff35.jpg

P1050386_zps57fe9002 photo P1050386_zps57fe9002-1_zpsfa725aee.jpg
Trainers Converse, Jumper here, Leggings here, Jacket New Look (old).

Hugs & Kisses


rosaliejayne said...

I love this outfit, The jumpers so cute! :) I wore my converse yesterday so I wouldn't slip and Instantly regretted it, my toes practically turned into icicles.
Rosalie x

Kayvona B said...

Very cute outfit! I hate the snow, except for during Christmas but otherwise I wish our snow would go away already along with the cold. I'm ready for spring!!

Forever Fashion said...

Really cute sweater!! i love the color, it adds a little something extra to the simple black winter outfit!

Anonymous said...

So Beautiful!! I love your sweater!


Valérie said...

I love this look! Aaw the dog is so cute haha xx

Couture for the soul said...

You look gorgeous hun x

h x

Cindy S. - FashionsBeauty said...

Oh yes, converse kills in the snow! Love the jumper xoxo

Fashions Beauty