21 January 2013

Bare Minerals: Golden & Gorgeous

IMG_3499_zps5425b0e8 photo IMG_3499_zps5425b0e8-1_zpsdf85a7ec.jpg

I was first introduced to Bare Minerals as a brand by my Mum. She came home with the face starter kit and I was sold. I didn't know until recently that they also did other make up products such as eye make up. I really should pay more attention as they are really fabulous. I'm pretty boring when it comes to eye make up, I use the same 3 colours day in and day out and simply admire other peoples, wishing I could Anyhow the collection includes a honey eye colour, which is used to blend from lash line up to the brow line, a copper high shine colour, which scared me at first, but it so easy to use, a bronze eye liner, which again felt pretty daunting to use, but glided on so easily and lastly a tapered shadow brush. I'm obsessed with make up brushes so i'm glad that made it's way into the kit. I really recommend this kit if you're looking for a bronze look. I would have taken pictures of the make up on my face, but my Rosacea is really bad right now, and I don't want you to see that. If you want to get your own you can purchase it here.

IMG_3501_zpsf18a189e photo IMG_3501_zpsf18a189e-1_zps31653fb9.jpg

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Hugs & Kisses


yiqin; said...

nice <3

Rosie von Waldherr said...

I've heard so much about Bare Minerals! I've been wanting to try them out for ages and want to buy a face starter kit they sell here for 15€, with sample sized stuff...but they never have my shade =( They only have darker shades...but I wont give up! =D

The Austrian Rose

kirstyb said...

Rosie - the starter kit is fab - i have rosacea so i need a good cover up and the difference is amazing xxxx

kirstyb said...
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theblossomgirls said...

nice products! thanx fot the comment!

your newest follower no.3514,hope you can follow back!

The Blossom Girls♡

Jasmine Eccles said...

oo they sound good, I've heard bits about them maybe its time i check them out.

Cute post.x

HeartsAndCrosses said...

Love bareminerals and these are the perfect colours for summer!


Verity Smith said...

I really want to try their foundation