30 January 2013

The Top

IMG_3750_zps669e92ba photo IMG_3750_zps669e92ba-1_zps016d5e54.jpg

Quick look at today's outfit. It's far to windy to be taking outfit pictures right now and the lighting in my house just doesn't seem to love me! Oh blogger problems! Off to run a few errands today - mainly to look at laptops. I think mine is on it's way out. Without the risk of sounding old - they really don't make Macs the way that they used to. I've had this one for a little over a year and it's already slow, the back screen keeps going from light to dark and it's stressful! Have a lovely day.

IMG_3749_zpsedb4000f photo IMG_3749_zpsedb4000f-1_zps9bc57e87.jpg

IMG_3748_zps1db9010c photo IMG_3748_zps1db9010c-1_zps4c76e27f.jpg

IMG_3753_zps9f514303 photo IMG_3753_zps9f514303-1_zpsd99b87cb.jpg

Hugs & Kisses


Valérie said...

I really like it! It's so pretty :D xx

Kalina said...

lovely :)

Janine said...

Nice top, I like the colour :)

Janine xx
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Ambyr said...

I love fabric covered buttons. They're so cute and 'class-up' any outfit.


Be Nice* said...

So nice jeans!!! I love it!