29 January 2013

Double Plaid

plaid1_zps72df582f photo plaid1_zps72df582f-1_zps91a58f1c.jpg
Image here

I'm loving plaid right now absolutely loving it, but double plaid is not something that had even occurred to me. I have the above trousers and apart from teaming it with an oversized black jumper and a cream sweater, I haven't really styled it in any other way. The above picture is however, absolutely genius. Taking a smart suit and making it casual, is not something I  would have thought to do let alone adding Converse and a beanie. Plaid + Converse = The best Sunday Funday attire. Now if only I had longer legs!

Hugs & Kisses


Heidi-likes said...

I love green tartan :)

Jodie said...

Excellent look I live plaid and the only thing better than plaid is double plaid!!

Anonymous said...

Love it - casual but still stylish. Also I want to steal your hat, I hope this is ok with you.

Anthea said...

Awesome! Love the sneakers :)