19 January 2013

Today's Details

BA-NJsUCIAEMhf5jpg-large_zpsb90a43c8 photo BA-NJsUCIAEMhf5jpg-large_zpsb90a43c8-1_zpsa0208c12.jpg

With any luck you guys might just be treated to an outfit post today - aren't you lucky. But don't hate me if it doesn't happen. I've spent a lovely morning playing with the puppy and watching Con Air, now i'm off for some retail therapy. Have a great day girlies.

BA-MlDLCAAEh9KYjpg-large_zps07f73d76 photo BA-MlDLCAAEh9KYjpg-large_zps07f73d76-1_zpsca4f0e8f.jpg

BA-MUuyCcAEFl_Ujpg-large_zps1bad826b photo BA-MUuyCcAEFl_Ujpg-large_zps1bad826b-1_zps2503f0a8.jpg

BA-L4wkCUAE796hjpg-large_zpsac8e2e21 photo BA-L4wkCUAE796hjpg-large_zpsac8e2e21-1_zps69e19af9.jpg

BA-MM4YCYAEgsp3jpg-large_zps07f1d851 photo BA-MM4YCYAEgsp3jpg-large_zps07f1d851-1_zps76400255.jpg

Hugs & Kisses


Janine said...

Really like the skirt, have a good day.

Janine xx

Char! said...

pretty nails x

HeartsAndCrosses said...

Your nails are gorgeous and the skirt is so pretty, great post


Stacey Kuiper said...

Love the rings :)

jessiemapooh said...

Your hair looks lovely! :)