19 January 2013

Wear it Pink

P1050359_zpsf9d1eae5 photo P1050359_zpsf9d1eae5-1_zps324c9972.jpg

Pink used to be an absolute wardrobe staple for me, but when I went blonde, I attempted to avoid it, just incase I ended up looking like a barbie or a ten year old child. Now I don't care, it's my fave colour so why should I avoid it! The outfit pics are some hat crap pics but I haven't got my camera so I will have to make do.

P1050363_zpse56cc841 photo P1050363_zpse56cc841-1_zps07a426d2.jpg

P1050353_zps2eff145d photo P1050353_zps2eff145d-1_zpsc5a7289f.jpg

P1050346_zpsf3de25fc photo P1050346_zpsf3de25fc-1_zps57b8f2ed.jpg

Hugs & Kisses


Valérie said...

I really like the shirt :D xx

Forever Fashion said...

Cute top!!

Angelica said...

Love your shirt. xo

MargieF said...

i like this mix of adult and kid! good look, also liking the double rings!

Jodie said...

you look great I love the jumper- I can understand how you felt about pink being a blond- I have orange hair so I have to keep it under control before I look like a boiled sweet :)

Lilly said...

I love this sweater!!!

HeartsAndCrosses said...

Love the post, especially the shirt!


Lovely Sara said...

Wonderful shirt! May I ask where it is from? Love, Sara xx

Anonymous said...

thanks for share.