1 February 2013

Can't Stop Thinking About

MustHaveshoes_zps3cef7159 photo MustHaveshoes_zps3cef7159-1_zps3ab32a30.jpg

Asos Spring/Summer shoe collection it is seriously ridiculous. I really need some of these babies in my life and I will. I just need to save my pennies. For now I shall just share them with you, in the hope that I might remember come pay day and splurge! I like the sound of that! What would you guys choose?

Hugs & Kisses

P.S Please excuse the blue stain - I have no excuse or reason for this, it just is.


A said...

I'd choose the first (black) one right away. they're rad!!
kinda in love with them now.. ;)

Nanna Ersgaard said...

I've always felt that shoes with a strap like that shortens my already short legs :(
But they're absolutely gorgeous none the less and I would like to wear the yelow or nude ones!

Maggie Adofo said...

lol didn't even notice till you said something lol. I'm not one for strappy sandals but those are definitely gorgeous.

Love Scrapbook

rosaliejayne said...

I love the nude sandals and the black and white heels, they're perfect for spring :) I have far too many shoes but these are all so delicate they won't take up a lot of space...or at least that's what I'll be telling myself when I buy far too many pairs of shoes for spring :)
Rosalie x

beewaits said...

love these shoes. primark have some sweet knock offs for 12 dolla. may need to invest x

Henessy said...

I have the yellow ones. I love them!!

Confessions of A Confused City Girl said...

*SIGH* These are so sexy it's ridiculous

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