1 February 2013

Bagel Pizzas

 photo b1666483-0269-434a-b183-dea779151610_zpsde75690b.jpg

Friday evening to me means wine and lovely meal, this Friday I am wiped so I needed something quick and simple, yet satisfying. I'm always looking for new things to try in the kitchen, and when I came across these bagel pizzas, I knew I had to give them a go. This recipe gave me the idea and I adapted it slightly with another recipe I found on Cath in the City. The result = absolute pizza amazingness. Dominos pizza eat your heat out.

 photo 2460045f-c39c-46aa-be2f-72f8f8d116b8_zpse7bed75a.jpg

 photo 88d32adf-5544-4d55-9e89-db85e33978c3_zps0d9c38a8.jpg

 photo 4b3abfbc-3dad-4d48-86fb-000d4501caa4_zpsb94f4bfc.jpg

 photo 006d204e-d2bf-4380-a365-ecc51bd38849_zpsf8278c8c.jpg

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