1 February 2013

Old School


Sometimes, just sometimes, technology fails me. Namely my iphone, now don't get me wrong I wouldn't change my iphone for the world, but this is my 2nd one that has broken. Exhibit 1 - The round button stopped working. Exhibit 2 - The button at the top has got stuck. How stupidly annoying. Whilst this is going on and i'm boycotting my amazing contract phone (I'll come back to that in a minute), I am stuck with a less that perfect phone, with a pay as you go sim - Life is over! I also don't understand why some people are still on pay as you go - I know we all use are phones differently and all that, but I used to spend an absolute fortune, before I took the contract plunge. That's my random rant over, clearly i've had far to much caffeine.

Hugs & Kisses


Janine said...

Love this outfit, I hope you sort your phone woes out soon lol :)

Janine xx
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LaraLainThatsMyName said...

You look lovely here, I couldn't live without my phone! xx

Noor Unnahar said...

Lovely dress . I'm a fool for Applle devices so it's obvious that iPhone is a prized possesion for you as well ;)
Noor @ Noor's Place

Fashionista said...


Maggie Adofo said...

lol to the random rant.. Well at least we know you will always look great lol.

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