15 February 2013

Quick Look

 photo 958412ad-ab56-407a-8125-1fdc0de3b865_zps83fd4a86.jpg

I'm literally so excited that the sun is out today- It's not as cold, but still freezing. One very busy girl today, i'm skipping fashion week this season as I just don't have the time to jump on a train to head to London for 4 days. Sad, but there is always next season. here's a quick look at what i'm wearing - pics later. But of you want to check out my shoes, they are Ash boots. Have a fabulous day.

 photo 5305b00d-3081-443a-9570-1ec942affe9e_zpsade814b3.jpg

 photo c18fdb89-dfe6-4b72-8816-3e7fc7eda764_zpsa0561167.jpg

Hugs & Kisses


alter idem ls said...

Lovely outfit! The pattern on the Jacket is gorgeous!

Laura xx
(Giveaway on my blog!)

MaritBE said...

so cool!! ;-)