15 February 2013

Wrapping up for Winter's final few weeks

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The winter frost is finally subsiding, and you have noticed that the air is heavy with the promise of spring. Now is the perfect time to take spring by the hand and usher it in with an evolution in style. But this task may be a little more complicated than just shedding your wool and replacing it with lighter, breathable cotton pieces. Wondering what to wear as the seasons turn? Here’s your guide for incorporating spring pieces into a winter wardrobe.

Choose transitional prints and patterns. One of the most fun parts of dressing for sunny weather is decking yourself in fun patterns. However, it might be a little challenging to make bright prints work in the last days of a waning winter, so try polka dots and stripes to get you through. These looks work for both seasons and are easy to accessorise.

Wear flexible footwear. Not quite cold enough for knee-high boots but not yet warm enough for sandals? Try a playful pair of brogues instead. These shoes will protect your feet from cooler temperatures without sentencing your legs and ankles to leather-clad footwear. Brogues also have the advantage of being flat, meaning that you can last longer on your feet, but they are still stylish enough to pair with everything from your girly dresses to your skinny-legged trousers. At last, a shoe for all seasons and all looks.

Keep layers on hand. You will likely face a quandary when getting dressed for these few transitional days because the air will be cool and crisp in the morning but warmer by noon. You can get more leverage out of your wardrobe by dressing in layers with soft cardigans and chic jackets. Try a structured cover-up, like this Tan Suedette Collar Waterfall Jacket from New Look.

Break out your colourful accessories. Even if you are still stuck in the neutral tones of winter weather, you can use bright accessories to tide you over until you have time to update your look for spring. Play with scarves, necklaces, shoes and the whatever else you can find. You might just discover that the more demure tones in your clothing will actually set the stage for a spectacular statement piece like a pink clutch or tri-colour earrings.

Get a head start on your spring hair and face. Once you have tailored your wardrobe to be flexible, you can start incorporating other style points like spring makeup and a new hairstyle for the new season. Add a little colour to your cheeks and reach for a pastel lipstick to instantly lift your mood. And don’t forget to add a little dazzle to your hair with a sparkly headband every once in a while.


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