2 February 2013


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It's sunny outside, how exciting. The cold weather was seriously beginning to depress me. Roll on the summer. Have an amazing day girlies, i'm off to get my hair and nails done. Standard Saturday.

Hugs & Kisses


beewaits said...

You look super cute! Can't believe how sunny it is! x

Rachel. said...

Love this outfit, so happy about a little bit of sunshine.. i need summer! xo

Vanese said...

Your dress is so cute and just has summer written all over it. ;) I am too excited to start summer clothes shopping! have a good Saturday!


Janine said...

This is a lovely outfit, I hope you put a coat on though before you headed into town? I just got fooled into thinking it was warm out because of all the sunshine and nearly froze to death haha. Have a great Saturday and roll on summer!

Janine xx
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Jodie said...

I just looked outside and your right it is sunny! Beautiful look !x

Grace said...

It's still in the 20s where I live! But then again, I love the cold weather! Have a fab weekend :)


Eat Live Love said...

Such a beautiful picture! I am definitely ready for sunny days!

Ana Castilho said...

love it! :)

h² fashion said...

Love this dress, it looks so lightweight and comfy!

jessiemapooh said...

I woke up to snow again this morning! (Teesside) No fair!

Amie K said...

You look stunning as always x can't wait for the summer x

Xo Amie