13 March 2013

Polka Dot

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Quite the palava today - my iphone is having an absolute meltdown! I can't even send a text message let alone check my emails. I'm trying to restore it as I type - fingers crossed. Anyways keeping me in a good mood is these absolute beauts on my feet! I love shoes, we all know that, but I love my Converse trainers! Even better when they are in polka dot - I think for my next pair - I might just get the American flag! 

Hugs & Kisses


Ambyr said...

**FINGERS CROSSED** I hate when my iPhone decides to have a mind of it's own- they're supposed to be "smart". Polka dots are my favorite print. And what better than making them casual and cool. Love the Converse.


Emma Matthews said...

Cute shoes!

Emma x said...

very sweet :)

AlittlebitUnique said...

Good luck with the iphone! The converse are so pretty

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