13 March 2013

Scent of a Home

 photo 85973bbf-9a5e-4210-b53f-d770d06809fc_zps14ea1dbe.jpg

If there is one thing I pride myself on in my home - it's the smell. I have a dog, so I am very aware that it could get quite smelly if left to it's own devices. So insert me and a million scented yankee candles and scented diffusers. I can't smell my house and I mean CAN'T, just like I can't smell my perfume. However I am informed that you can smell it from outside my front door, which is a good thing I think. On the top of smell good list is this Strawberries and Cream scented diffuser - I love it and I currently have 4 in various places around my house - the living room, downstairs toilet, my ensuite bathroom and my bedroom. It's such a lovely smell, that it leaves you wondering where it is coming from and what the scent actually is.

 photo c7f00b67-f2b7-40a3-b98f-7db7530a0bd4_zps088a4d02.jpg

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